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[at-l] Wanchor Report

HOORAY!!!! =A0As of yesterday at noon, Jon was half way through--and he did=20=
in 60 days!!!! =A0He called from Pine Grove Furnace State Park, PA, the=20
unofficial halfway point of the AT. =A0Without subtracting the days he took=20=
for Trail Days and for visiting Tom & Marilyn, he's averaging 18 miles a=20

He completed the four-state challenge--hiking in VA, WV, MD, and PA in three=
He was heading out to celebrate at the ice cream shop with the famous=20
half-gallon challenge. =A0If you eat a half gallon of ice cream in one sitti=
they put a wooden spoon with your name on it on the wall. =A0(At $5.75 for t=
half-gallon, they ought to do something.) =A0Jon's ice cream of choice was t=
be "moose tracks." =A0

He had been runing into two nice fellows from the South, one was an attorney=
and the other was a fellow with Elvis-like sideburns and the trailname of=20
"The King." =A0The two southerners were leaving for a week's trip home, so J=
doubts he'll see them again.

He's feeling fine, even his feet are holding up. =A0

The latest lost gear? =A0His hat. =A0He had stopped at a new outfitter's and=
bought an an official hiking hat; it was expensive because if it's official=20
hiking gear it's bound to be expensive. =A0Jon had alreadyought a cheap=20
baseball cap to hold him till he got to an outfitters, but he doesn't really=
like baseball caps at all, so he's happy again now that he has a bucket hat=20
on his head. =A0With the open stretches of PA and high temperatures ahead, a=
hat really is a necessity. =A0

He's been seeing lots of deer and was happy to report that he had seen=20
green-lit fireflies while with George and Mary Sue and recently yellow-lit=20
fireflies. =A0

I'm happy that he's half way through and I'm more than half way through=20
shipping boxes. =A0About 16 shipped and 13 to go. =A0The hometeam is exhause=
keeping up with Greg. =A0At his own choice he (and several buddies) are gett=
a jump on high school by taking PE and "Life Skills" (required) this summer.=
=A0School starts at 7:20, so I'm not getting up at 5:30 which runs contrary=20=
my nature! =A0Greg gets off school and on MWF walks back again in time for=20
5:00-7:00 weight training for football. =A0On Saturdays he'll be doing speed=
training for football. =A0I SURE hope he makes the team. =A0

I asked Jon if he'd slow down a bit; on his present schedule I won't be able=
(because of work requirements) to be there when he finishes his hike.  He=20
said he'd think about it.  I know that tone.  I said, "You're not going to=20
slow down, are you?"  He laughed and said no and went on to explain his fear=
that something would happen later which would take up more time and then we'=
have a shorter time together in Maine.  His plan is to finish on his target=20
date if possible and get back down to Millinocket, where he hopes they'll le=
him stay and do trail work for the three or four days until I get up there.=20=
I am disappointed because I really wanted to share in his finish, but it's=20
like talking to a wall, so.......
I'm also ashamed to report that the family room painting still isn't=20
finished. =A0Maybe this weekend--in between leading a TGIF hike Friday night=
running errands, meeting with the women's reading group, church, and laundry=

I miss Jon.


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