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[at-l] Wanchor Report

Jon called this morning (Sunday) about 7:30 from somewhere in Maryland. =A0H=
got a very rocky start leaving his brother's in Washington; when it came tim=
to go he couldn't find the keys to the rental car. =A0So much for an early=20
start. =A0It got to the point that he was waiting for the rental car office=20=
open so he could get the code for a locksmith. =A0He had to call George and=20
tell him he'd be late getting to the rental car office. =A0

Then that same day I got a noon call from Jon; he had found the car keys=20=
course, I did NOT get the full story), the ever patient George had met him a=
the rental car office and driven him back to Ashby Gap, and Jon was about to=
get on the trail. =A0He was worried because he wanted to make Harper's Ferry=
and the Appalachian Trail Conference office on Saturday before they closed.=20
=A0He knew he was facing a section known as "the roller coaster"--four tough=
500-foot elevation ups and downs in a row. =A0

He camped that night near the new Ed Garvery shelter, which he greatly=20
admired as "outstanding."

Well, he made the ATC office about 3:30 Saturday and got his picture taken t=
go up with the other hikers. =A0He was number 240 to come through this year.=

Note from the hometeam:  For quite a while Jon's post cards and phone calls=20
would mention which sections he thought I could do.  He has long maintained=20
this hope that someday we'd do the AT together.  First, I have no such=20
ambition.  Second, I am TERRIFIED of heights.  Of almost every tiny piece of=
the AT I've done, I've come to some place where I've done it sitting down an=
bumping my incredibly padded posterior down the trail.  I've also been known=
to make him get in front and show me where to put my feet--and then give up=20
and crab my own way down on my butt.   I can get panicy coming down stadium=20
bleachers, for Pete's sake.  I think he's evaluted the first third of the=20
trail in terms of whether I could do it and found my courage severely=20
lacking.  Now he's talking about nice loops he's discovering where we can go=
back and have short trips.  The point is, it's really nice to know that he's=
thinking of me and planning fun stuff for us to do together.  Makes the=20
hometeam feel missed and thought of--and this is a very good thing.

Wondering what he'll lose next,

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