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[at-l] Boston to Millinocket?

>Ahhh, come on Rockdancer.  No one's lived 'til they faced Boston traffic!

True, and I don't want to ruin anyone's chance for an adventure. 
After all, in 1988, at the end of my Xcountry bike trip, I rode my 
bicycle through the streets of Manhattan from the ferry terminal to 
the 59th St Bridge. Now, that took some courage, and I'm proud that I 
did it!

Just consider it a head's up that we have The Big Dig going on here, 
and that Logan is very poorly rated for on-time arrivals & cancelled 
flights (although not as bad as NY airports).

RD '97
Arthur D. Gaudet         	"Is walking down called hiking, too?"
(RockDancer)  	                 -heard at the top of Mt Washington, NH