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[at-l] Boston to Millinocket?

In a message dated 6/11/01 12:47:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time,=20
bettysue@mcintyres.com writes:
=A0>Is Boston the best place to fly to from Denver?=A0<
Hi B.S.!
See about connections to Portland, ME. Avoiding Boston puts you north of som=
serious traffic snarls in Boston, and at the tolls in NH and York, ME, and=20
construction on the turnpike south of Portland. On summer weekends, the line=
at the tolls can be as much four miles long. Portland has a great, smaller=20
airport too. www.portlandjetport.org
>Anyhow, he wants me to ask how long it takes to drive from Boston to=20
It takes me about 5 hours from my house to the Park gate. I'm 20 miles NW of=
Boston, and I go to Baxter via 'the back way'. Instead of going all highway,=
I get off 95 in Newport and go up via Dover Foxcroft and Brownville Junction=
Staying on 95 all the way through Bangor to Medway is literally the long way=
around. Watch for moose in the road. Seriously, watch for the mooses.
have fun!

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