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[at-l] Mixing Alcohol Stove Fuels

I'm no chemist, but I recall from High School chemistry that table salt
turns a flame yellow and copper a greenish blue . . .
But I'm interested in this thread having just bought some EVERCLEAR in an
effort to prepare for the camp out on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs when my
14 yo turns 15 on the 3rd of September . . . . she's the author of the famed
essay:  "The Worst Backpacking Trip Ever" and her dad took her on it! Check
out the archives if you don't believe me! . . . of COURSE she'll wait
PATIENTLY until the 10th AFTER my quit smoking hike . . . .


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> I've been reading about the trouble some folks have been having with not
> being able to see the methanol flame of a tin can stove. That got me to
> thinking...could you mix a little rubbing alcohol in (which has a yellow
> flame) to make the flame more visible? Are there any hazards associated
> doing this? Any of you organic chemists out there wish to respond?
> Pokey The Incendiary
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