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[at-l] screamer

i met a man by that name..in umm i guess i was in vermont then ... hmm maybe
just almost out of new hampshire.  nah! it must have been just after
Hanover.. my name is wisperlight.  he said "well i think we are polar
opposties"... prolly the only person to guess why felix called me
wisperlight. he was a nice guy i talked with him while he ate soem peanuts
or something maybe it was sunflower seeds.  it was somethign tasty and
raisins ... no i remeber he seperated the raisin and sun flower seeds... i
foudn that to be a memorable for some reason maybe that he was spending so
much time to eat so little food. ahh food.  the conversation in my head
always moves to food. my poor firneds that hiek with me hear about food all
the time now . somehtign about woods and food.


is is great when you can say you name 3 times in a paragraph

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> My son trail name is SCREAMER so I was told.  I heard his photo was on the
> net. If anyone knows how I can get to it.  I would appreciate hearing from
> you.  He's 6'4" tall blue eyes, long dark brown hair and beard....he was
> heading north in April 2000.  You can reach me at denisemob@yahoo.com or
> dmobro@wol.com.  Thanks!!!!!
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