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[at-l] Reintroduction

Hey Uroon!!

Welcome back =)

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Miss Lily and I are no longer
thru-hiking. Tigerlily is back to being Jessica and once again a server
at O'Charley's. I have remained unemployed and keep sneaking off into the
woods every chance I get (been backpackin' in the Smokies two weekends in
a row now!). My next adventures will be once again running the Mt.
Washington road race a week from today, at least one climb of *MY*
mountain (hee hee) and then a NH "thruhike" coming up at the end of the
month...yaaay!!! I am going home!! 


On Fri, 8 Jun 2001 09:06:57 +0200 "Jeroen Krijnen"
<J.A.Krijnen@lr.tudelft.nl> writes:
> ps. can anyone tell me if Dee, tigerlily and Jeffrey Brader are 
> still on the  trail. If they kept up the mileage they should be around
> park by  now.
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