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[at-l] Reintroduction


Let me use my two hour delay of my flight to Naples to Amsterdam to
reintroduce myself to this list.

People with a real good memory might remember my from three months ago.
Then I introduced myself and told I planned to meet Kajsa and join her in a
three week sectionhike from Fontana dam to Erwin.
Well, plans changed while I was in there and I ended up in a 2 day hike from
Hogpen gap to Unicoi gap with Kajsa and an 11 day solo-hike from Springer to
NOC,supported by Doug and Kajsa.

Well for the statistics and all the people I didn't meet during my stay in
the States.
My name is Jeroen Krijnen. But because it's unpronouncable for non-dutch
speaking persons I'll also react to "Uroon". Which is close to the correct
pronounciation as you can get with normal spelling and also the trailname I
used in the shelterregisters. Age 26 and living in Delft in the Netherlands.
But instead of being active in the worldfamous Delftware, I'm working as an
Aerospace Engineer at the University.

It's only a little over a month I left the trail but it seems like ages.
And although I expected only to spend this vacation on the trail and do some
future hiking again in Europe, I definatly will return to do a serious
sectionhike or preferably a thru hike someday.

So therefore I'm back on the list. Just keeping me informed and when the
times comes draining the needed information for my return on the trail.

That's all for now



ps. can anyone tell me if Dee, tigerlily and Jeffrey Brader are still on the
trail. If they kept up the mileage they should be around Shenadoah park by
Just curious.