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[at-l] Non-WF Post

David wrote:

> >  Did I tell you the story about my grandchildren?
> No, you didn't tell me the story about your grandchildren.
> Perhaps, if you don't have time, the godess could tell us?

I'm not sure who the goddess is that you refer to. There was
this one time, back a few years, that I spent 18 months in
Georgia one summer. Most of it was spent at the George Maulney
Center for Corrections and Rehabilitation. Part of the rap,
amongst other things, was that I bought me some kids. Well,
that would have been fine, and pretty much dandy. But, as is
usually the case with Georgia's torts and statutes and
limitations otherwise, it got a bit confusing. Seems it's
alright to purchase children (the book actually calls them
'chillin') if it is from the parent or legal guardian. Well, I
found two I liked just fine. The boy, he could cut grass, that
one. Like I've never seen. The girl was kind of a smart aleck.
But, I liked her vigor. Anyway, as fate, good or bad, would
have it, I purchased the children. Well, the father was in a
state of incarceration and the mother was in jail. So, the
grandparents had to bring me the kids. (Actually, it was just
the grandfather, as the grandmother was confined to her
quarters at...the George Maulney Center for Corrections and
Rehabilitation.) That is whence the problem was to arise. It
turns out, hence, that I purchased grandchildren...a class 2a
infraction. I got to keep the kids...but had to pick up trash
and such.

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"