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[at-l] Non-WF Post

James Bullard wrote:

> >I don't even know what the hell an 'imp emote icon' is. Nor do I know what
> >Kyoto, Japan has to do with the AT. Unless, of course, that is where the
> >Japanese people came from that settled in Georgia and actually built the
> >Appalachian Trail. I've got the whole story somewhere...
> The other picture Felix.  The one on the right.

Be that as it may...I still have the whole story somewhere...

Anyway, what the hell does Newfoundland have to do with the Trail? Is that where
that Phat-as-a-house Wingfoot lives? (Ya know, with that funky timezone thing they
have there, I think you could spend 127 canadian hours at the computer in
like...48 minutes American.)

So, anyway, I'm feeling odd this evening. Do you have any idea what it's like when
I feel odd? My gawd...I wear earplugs just to keep from having to hear the voices
twice. Did I tell you the story about my grandchildren?

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"