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Maintenance packs... was Re: [at-l] Nat'l Trail Days - Oswald Dome

--- hopefl@juno.com wrote:
> I've been experimenting with an old frame pack to see how best to make a
> "maintainer's" pack. In addition to loops and snaps, I've been thinking 
> what I could carry. I recently managed to get a 6 inch mill file for
> free, it's a Snap-on!! Can you believe that luck. I got a generic handle
> at $1.67. After using the swing blade and having to stop every 5 minutes
> to try and retighten the mounting nuts on the blade, I think I've
> decided to add a small adjustable wrench to my Snap-on file and
Leatherman type multi-tool gizmo. 

### I use a very standard (25 year old) rucksack with a drawstring top,
lined with cardboard. In outside pockets go various leather gloves ('cause
*somebody* needs 'em), hand clippers, TP, First Aid, white spray paint,
and water bottle. Inside, I fit loppers (no kidding, I found a
"lightweight" pair), swing blade (12", two-sided), file, 18" chainsaw,
with spare sparkplug/wrench, chain lube, chain, and premixed fuel. And

The great thing is that I can walk along and access the swing blade or
loppers without losing a step, just by reaching overhead. 

The annoying thing is that to do garbage work, I have to stop and take the
pack off to put garbage in with the chain saw in the main bag.

And the cardboard in the packbag holds up very well, and helps absorb the
motor and chain lube drips nicely...

"There ain't no sech thing as a trail that can't stand a little

Spatior, Nitor, Nitor, In Nitor!

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