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[at-l] Bear Alert--FYI

Signs were frequently posted at shelters and message boards by the Forest
Service that said the bear was ranging from Deep Gap to Wayah Bald and showed
"no fear of humans at all".

I did encounter a large mouse that fit that description, but at Wesser Bald
Shelter. He/she tried to take my pack but it was to big.

- Gary from Fairfax

monadnockdee@juno.com wrote:

> from Nantahala Hiking Club Website http://www.smnet2.net/users/nhc/
> May 21, 2001 - Bear Alert!
> We have several reports of a bear coming into Standing Indian Shelter.
> The bear is reported to have taken down packs in the shelter while it was
> occupied, and taken the packs away. It also has taken food from the
> shelter.
> The Forest Service knows about this, but has no definite plans at present
> about this bear. The same bear (we think) is taking food and causing
> problems at Standing Indian Campground.
> We recommend hanging packs and food where the bear can't get them.
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