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Re: [at-l] Who is Gathering?

The Redhead says--

>> Okay - with only 18 more days until the Gathering (Wooooo Hoooooo!!)
>it's about time to start raising hands if you plan on going.

This is Vcat. John and I are going. We've been in Canada for a month and a 
half, so we've been all out of touch. Looking forward to getting to see 
everybody and meeting new folks. Yeehaw--getting excited.

BTW, some of you might remember a couple years ago when Doug Gibbons was on 
the list. He's from Newfoundland and quoted Shakespeare a lot. We got to 
visit with Doug for four days and had a great time.

It was also fun tracking the AT heading north. Got to do a small AT hike in 
Franconia Notch State Park. Crossed it in Vermont and may hike there some on 
the way south. We're in Bar Harbor, ME right now. We didn't make it to 
Baxter, but we've seen (barely) Mt Katahdin from the top of Cadillac Mtn 
here, but I couldn't quite make out who was summiting. ;-)
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