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Re: [at-l] Wear Dat Mossy Ol' Troll Git Two?

On Wed, 20 Sep 2000, Sloetoe wrote:

> Our Man Bombaci seems to have also fallen off the face of the planet. He
> would have finished a couple of weeks ago, according to his last recorded
> contact....
> Anyone have a clue?

My wife Resa and I stayed at the Mizpah hut the weekend of Sept.
9-10 and spent some quality time chatting with Mossy Old Troll and
Gilligan. They'd made it to Pinkham Notch but had backtracked to Mizpah to
hang out with the croo there, since they're such great people. We
also talked to Papa Smurf who was en route to Lakes on Sept. 9.

All three thru hikers were in great shape and in fine spirits. Our best
wishes go out to them!

Stefan and Resa

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