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Re: [at-l] Mr Clean aka Jamie Waines in hospital - Lyme disease

Dave wrote;
(caused by the Lyme disease)

Why I'm I not surprised??żż?? This is the same disease that we
fought with doctor after doctor for a few years now. Funny how they keep
saying the same thing, I can almost quote them word for word...." Lyme
Disease is a very isolated disease, almost rare. With very few cases on
record." Ummmm..... DUH!!! Are we the only ones that seem to disagree?
We've had the pleasure to talk with MANY other people who seem to have
this "very rare disease"! Now we don't want to go and pi$$ off any
doctors on this list, mainly because the ones here seem to understand
Lyme, or at least know about it. Maybe more should spend some time
outdoors, or at least join the AT-L!! Has anyone been keeping a running
list of the Hikers coming down with this? There seems to be quite a few
on the list, and more joining all the time! At least there's another
one, of the, "very few on record"!

Just ranting and raving, or better yet......

FurTrappers & Landslides
(who have good reason to be concerned!)


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