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Re: [at-l] Mr Clean aka Jamie Waines in hospital - Lyme disease

The problem is that Lyme disease is a fairly uncommon event. You are 
correct in noting that you see more than your fair share of Lyme disease 
sufferers as you are a member of a group that has selectively higher 
exposure and risk for contracting the disorder.

As a physician, we are trained that when we hear hoof beats, see manes and 
tails flying across the window, hear whinnying, and smell manure - look 
first for the horses before seeking out the zebras. Lyme disease is still a 
zebra, although a higher risk among long distance hikers (particularly in 
the north east). I suggest you attend to the number of Lyme cases reported 
annually in your state to get a feel for how rare this is.

It is important for us experienced hikers to learn, teach and practice 
prevention of Lyme and other tick borne diseases. We physicians will be 
very glad to have few opportunities to demonstrate our clinical acumen if 
people will work to avoid becoming our patients. Unfortunately, when you 
become a patient with an uncommon disorder, you get the opportunity to 
learn why it is called the "Practice of Medicine."


At 11:29 AM 9/20/2000 -0400, FLATers@webtv.net wrote:
>...Are we the only ones that seem to disagree?
>We've had the pleasure to talk with MANY other people who seem to have
>this "very rare disease"! Now we don't want to go and pi$$ off any
>doctors on this list, mainly because the ones here seem to understand
>Lyme, or at least know about it. Maybe more should spend some time
>outdoors, or at least join the AT-L!! Has anyone been keeping a running
>list of the Hikers coming down with this? There seems to be quite a few
>on the list, and more joining all the time! At least there's another
>one, of the, "very few on record"!

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