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Re: [at-l] Who is Gathering?

I'll be there, bringing Kampfire with me.  I also know Weathercarrot is
going... either we'll pick him up on the way or he'll catch a ride with
friends from the DC area... he's not sure what his plans will do since he's
going to the Gathering West and East just like Jim and Ginny.

I also recommend bringing food if you're not up for long lines.  There was
a tiny little pizza place in Athens; not sure if it's still there but there
was also a sub-place in the basement at the college, not just the cafe
upstairs. Only a few people knew about the downstairs place so that line
was short last time after the group picture.  I think the timing of the
picture also caused a LONG line for food.

It'll be good to see everyone again, I'm really looking forward to it.

GA>ME '98

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