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[at-l] NC/TN/Smokeys Expert <g> needed

Part of the purpose of the Trailguide will be as a planning aid
for weekend hikes, so we are trying to note side trails
when ever possible.  Loops are sooo much nicer than in and outs!
I've hit the Smokies and a giant black hole of info.  
I've found these trails listed:  
(Make this screen full size and it will straighten out I hope)
> Abram Falls         Curry Mountain                        Palmer Creek
> Ace Gap             Deep Creek         Kanati Fork        Panther Creek
> Albright Grove Loop Deeplow Gap        Kephart Prong      Pinnacle Creek
> Alum Cave    XX     Dry Sluice Gap     Lakeshore          Pole Road Creek
> Andrews Bald        Eagle Creek        Laurel Falls       Polls Gap
> Anthony Creek       Enloe Creek        Lead Cove          Porters Creek
> Appalachian         Finley Cane        Little Bottoms     Pretty Hollow Gap
> Balsam Mountain     Flat Creek         Little Brier Gap   Rabbit Creek
> Baskins Creek       Fork Ridge         Little Cataloochee Rainbow FallsXXX
> Baxter Creek        Forney Creek       Little Greenbrier  Ramsay Cascades
> Bear Creek          Forney Ridge       Little River       Rich Mountain
> Beard Cane          Gabes Mountain     Long Bunk          Rich Mountain Loop
> Beech Gap  XX       Gatlinburg         Long Hungry Ridge  hike
> Big Creek           Gold Mine          Loop Trail         Rich Mountain Loop
> Big Fork Ridge      Goldmine Loop      Lost Cove          Road Prong
> Bone Valley         Goshen Prong       Low Gap            Rough Creek
> Boogerman           Grapeyard Ridge    Lower Mt. Cammerer Rough Fork
> Bote Mountain       Grassy Branch      Lumber Ridge       Roundtop
> Boulevard      XX   Greenbrier Ridge   Lynn Camp Prong    Russell Field
> Bradley Fork        Gregory Bald       Maddron Bald       Schoolhouse Gap
> Brushy Mountain     Gregory Ridge      Martins Gap        Scott Mountain
> Bull Head           Grotto Falls       McKee Branch       Smokemont Loop hike
> Cabin Flats         Gunter Fork        Meigs Creek        Smokemont Loop
> Caldwell Fork       Hannah Mountain    Meigs Mountain     Snake Den Ridge
> Camel Gap           Hatcher Mountain   Metcalf Bottoms    Springhouse Branch
> Cane Creek          Hazel Creek        Middle Prong       Spruce Mountain
> Cataract Falls      Hemphill Bald      Mingus Creek       Stone Pile Gap
> Cataloochee Divide  Hen Wallow Falls - Miry Ridge         Sugar Fork
> Charlies Bunion     Hughes Ridge       Mt. Cammerer       Sugarland Mountain
> Chasteen Creek      Huskey Gap         Mt. Le Conte       Sunkota Ridge
> Chestnut Branch     Hyatt Ridge        Mt. Sterling       Swallow Fork
> Chestnut Top        Indian Creek Motor Mt. Sterling Ridge Sweat Heifer Creek
> Chimney Tops XX     Indian Creek Trail Myrtle Point -     Thomas Divide
> Cliff Tops          Indian Grave Gap   Newton Bald        Trillium Gap
> Clingmans Dome      Jakes Creek        Noland Creek       Tunnel Bypass
> BypassI             Jenkins Ridge      Noland Divide      Turkeypen Ridge
> Cold Spring Gap     Jonas Creek        Oconaluftee River  Twentymile
> Cooper Creek        Jumpoff            Old Settlers       Twentymile Loop
> Cooper Road         Juney Whank Falls  Old Sugarlands     Twin Creeks
> Cove Mountain                                             Welch Ridge
> Crib Gap                                                  West Prong
> Crooked Arm Ridge                                         Wet Bottom
> Cucumber Gap                                              Whiteoak Branch
>                                                           Wolf Ridge
No kidding!   All these names but no other info.  Now some of them I have
found info on,the obvious ones like Boulevard and  Chimney Tops.
I've Xed them.
But there are soooo many....  Anyone know any of these trails?
Some of them would seem to be connected to the trail, like Russell Field
but where do they go?  Just to a view?

If you know any that connect to the AT, and can give good info as to where.
Hollar!  If you can give anymore info, like where they lead,  hollar louder.  
Or if you are bored outta your mind and want to research them......

We have found some good sites to link to, for info on side trails in other
states but not for these.

Any help would be greatly appreched <g>.
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