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Re: [at-l] PA Rock Huggers

previously posted:

If we keep it a short hike (PenMar to Old Forge Rd., I see no reason to
meet at Caledonia--why don't we meet at Old Forge Rd trail crossing, and
figure our shuttle from there? Instead of paying for a campsite at the
state park, anyone coming down Friday night could stay at the Tumbling
Run shelters (only a 5 minute walk from the road) and save a few bucks.
Anyway, that's what I am going to plan on doing--I'll be at the shelter
Friday evening. The Tumbling Run site is really nice, and I believe
there is enough parking there. 

###FurTrappers has a good idea. Since some are going to meet at Tumbling
Run Shelters, why not start there on Saturday morning. Then FurTrappers
and I will start at PenMar...... we meet at Deerlick Run Shelters for a
nice evening/night, give ya the keys to our old truck, and meet us back
up at Old Forge Rd on Sunday afternoon. 

Think this is workable guys????

ALSO.....Anyone wanna join us this Fri, Sat. and Sun for a 2 day 8

Landslides & FurTrappers

P.S. Lyme has been kickin in kinda tough on Fur, but with luck he will
hopefully will be feeling better by the weekend. 


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