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Re: [at-l] Listers at the Gathering

Is anyone doing lister name tags this year? (Now *why* are you looking at me like that, Chase??!) :) A lot of us have old ones from previous Gatherings and buttons from Tdaze (thanks Chase <g>) but what about the listers who have never attended a trail event? Can we bring our own food to the lister lunch in the cafeteria?  Last time at the college we were in line so long by the time some people got their food and sat down it was time to leave. Does anyone know if that's okay?

Skeeter, you bringing the reversable (wake me for cliff jump/do not disturb) signs to hang on tents? Since KC is bringing toys, perhaps Kahley can be persuaded (once her hand is fully in the raised position) to bring her nice table again. Sloetoe and woodelf are in charge of the wine. Felix is in charge of the ferrets.  Leapfrog is going to provide the musical entertainment (didn't know that, did you, Leapfrog? <g>) - and don't try to wiggle out of it by not bringing your guitar - I'm bringing one of my sons guitars just in case you try that ploy <g>. And Twilight, you have to sing this time!POG - your job is to hire someone to follow Datto the rest of the way on the Trail and wake him up every time he takes a nap, and force marches him every day so he can summmit in time to make the Gathering :-)  Or maybe we can just organize the northern listers to do that? 

I'm sure we're forgetting something, but we have 18 whole days to plan :)

Oh yea - I'm bringing Shannon with me this time - does anyone have a tent with a lock and key? (one that locks from the OUTSIDE? <g>)

Now - who is going to be in charge of perfect weather? Wildbill? :-)

The Redhead

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From:          Jerome Smith <caspyr@aristotle.net>
Date:          Mon, 18 Sep 2000 15:18:39 -0500
Subject:       [at-l] TNF Mounatin Light Jacket
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I'm looking to buy a childs size Medium.  If you have one that your
child has out grown and would like to sell it. Please let me know, I
want to match it up with a Deanli.
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