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[at-l] Listers at the Gathering

Ok, here's the plan. Now mind you, I'm a volunteer. Willing to step down and 
let ANYONE who wants to take over this craziness. Or at least pieces of 

Fri Afternoon-Eve
** Gather your tents 'round the AT-L banner at the Campground...if Chase (or 
the current owner) can arrange to have it flying! 
** Lister sign-in at the registration counter, if anyone is willing to man it
** Will someone from our group get up and recognize us as a group (like 
"Class of..." and "Dreamers..") at the Friday eve bash? Everybody stand, play 
kazoos, wave ferrets, that sort of thing
(note: I will not be arriving til Saturday, so you're on your own here...)

** Lister sign-in at the registration counter  (morning only)
** Lister Lunchtime, 12-1 PM @ the Concord College Cafeteria (adjoining 
private room) ... meet those folks you know online!
** Lister photo, to be taken after the regular big group photo
** A workshop, "Hiking and The Internet," where you can get together for a 
bull session in person with folks from your email group  (time / date / 
content still to be determined...appreciate any volunteers to lead the group!)

That's as organized as I'm getting. Wish I had a karakoke machine to spring 
on Datto, but alas. Not in the budget. <G>

See you at the Gathering!

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