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Re: [at-l] Duck Tape

Does anyone out there have any more unusual uses 
> of
> Duck Tape that relates to the trail? 

When we concluded our section of HATT 2000 hike, we met Lionheart ( a
late north bounder) at the Partnership shelter. As we were trading trail
stories the subject of chafing came up. He told of a fellow hiker who
decided he wanted nothing to do with chafing so he was going to be, shall
we say, proactive. The dude shaved the hair form a certain region of the
body..........especially known for chafing............and applied duck
tape to the entire area. So help me, this is the way the story was told
to us, ask Cuz'n Jerry. Anyway, the tape didn't seem to go on right and
so he was going to remove and reapply it. By this point in the story we
were all laughing so hard it was difficult to understand all that
Lionheart was saying. The best I could understand, the tape came off the
inside of the hiker legs with a measure of discomfort but the remains
areas required considerable finesse and courage. 

Duck tape is not a good preventative measure for chafing according to the
adventuresome hiker. Hopeful
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