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Re: [at-l] Knee Pain

My chief complaint when I came down with Lyme disease was ... jaw pain.  My 
doctor (who'd had tons of experience with treating/diagnosing LD -- this is 
in Dutchess County, NY, #1 LD area in the country) had never seen jaw pain as 
a symptom of LD.  You are the second person on the list to speak of jaw pain 
('don't recall who the other person was).  I wonder if this is a *new* twist 
in the disease?


ARTCLOUTMN@aol.com wrote:  <snip>
>>  But during the weekend my jaw began to ache.  By Saturday Morning it was 
difficult to eat.  I felt a little better on Sunday.  So, I waited until my 
appointment to 
discuss the matter with the doctor.      Well,  the tests came back yesterday 
positive for lyme desease.>>
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