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[at-l] Desperatly seeking GA

Welllll folks, our GA Trailguide is just about done...
Sigh......took longer to research it than to hike it!!

A few missing pics....LOLOLOL.....if anyone has....

Len Foote Hike Inn

Black Gap Shelter
Stover Creek

Trailhead Frosty Mountain  Road USFS 46  
Trailhead Three Forks  Road  USFS 58  
Trailhead High Tower Gap  Road USFS 42 

Justus Mountain
Blackwell Creek

Suches GA   

Jarred Gap Trail
Slaughter Creek Trail
Coosa Backcountry Trail

Blood Mountain Shelter
Blood Mountain Cabins & Country Store

Blairsville GA
Dahlongega GA
Helen GA 
Hiawassee GA
Vogel State Park

Leveland Mountain
Trailhead Tesnatee Gap Road   GA 348

Tray Mountain Shelter

Kelly Knob.....now this surprises me....or maybe it doesn't   <g>

Deep Gap Shelter
Powell Mountain

Blueberry Patch 

So if ya have any shots of the above.....especially the towns and
shelters, send em on so I can put this section to bed.

BTW....I now know where to get dim sum in GA <VVVBG>

Thank you,thank you.thank you very much!!!
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