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Re: [at-l] 13 Day AT Hike

At 12:33 PM 9/13/00 -0400, ellen watson wrote:
>At 9:12 AM -0400 9/13/00, John O wrote:
>>9. October 19
>>Day Off  stay at Mull's Motel
>You might want to consider a different motel. On my thru attempt in 
>'98 I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Hiawassee and was glad I made the 
>choice. It was run by a hiker friendly couple named sam and nina who 
>shuttled to and from the trail for free. They offered hiker rates, 
>had free continental breakfast, washer/dryer facilities and an indoor 
>hot tub, plus they were right next door to Daniel's AYCE.
>have a great hike!
This great news.  This wilderness stuff is getting real tough these days.
AYCE plus hot tub, life just can't get better now can it?
John O




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