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Re: [at-l] GSMNP Trail Info

> 1) Access at Fontana, where can you park a vehicle and what kind of
> facilities are available close to the parking area?

I've parked on the dam and at the trailhead, several times.  Never a
problem.  The hot shower at the dam is a nice extra.

> 2) Heading out of Fontana on the Lakeshore Trail to Campsite 90 at Lost Cove
> Creek. What is the trail like 

nice, level, easy walk.

> and what is the campsite like?

nice.  with water at a low in the area, I imagine the campsite is a ways
from water.  Last time I was there, there was absolutely no firewood.

> It appears to be on the lakeshore at the
> confluence of Lost Cove Creek with the lake, how close to the lake is it?

it is exactly at the point where the creek meets the lake. 

> 3) Heading up Eagle Creek on the Eagle Creek Trail. 

the last time I was there, It took me 3 hrs to negotiate the blow

> 6) Turning back on to Lakeshore to Campsite 88. What is the
> campsite like?

I liked it.

> Other hike ideas are welcome as long as they can be squeezed into the
> criteria in the first paragraph!

there are lots of loops in the smokies.  I suggest that everyone who
plans on spending any time in the park by the following book.  It's the
bible of hikes in the park.

Hiking trails of the smokies
isbn 0-937207-15-2
get it from the gsm-nhs

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