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Re: [at-l] GSMNP Trail Info

In a message dated 09/08/2000 3:27:50 PM EDT, orangebug74@yahoo.com writes:

<< I knew that a wierd hiker had parked there and slept overnight in the
 bathrooms there last spring. I would expect that it would be a fairly
 secure place to park, but get the idea the whole area is secure due to
 the resort's interest in security and good reputation. Obviously, it
 would be easy to get permission or information from the Ranger on duty
 before getting the Smokies permit.

Parking at Fontana Dam area.
1. Parking area near the picnic area where the Fontana Dam Shelter is located.
2. At the Dam Visitors center.

FYI: Thia area is not part of the GSMNP. It is TVA land, patroled by the TVA 
Police. One of their office's is on the left side of the road going down to 
the Dam.
ale=24000&type=1&size=S&zoom=100&">Welcome to Maptech Mapserver! View Free 
Topog...</A> This will take y'all to a map of the area.

If the link doesn't work here is the URL:
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