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Re: [at-l] Back on the list from PCT

k -- this whole post is mindboggling to me...... Holy Cow.... I think I've
REALLLYYYYY got to pay better attention to this stuff.

--- kahley7 <kahley7@ptd.net> wrote:
> Well Jim and Ginny will be back in a couple weeks but who knows how long
> till they get connected so in their sted, I say they found the PCT ok,
> but maybe a bit boring.  

We know that most of the tred is graded for
> stock but what never sank in for me was just how long all those switchbacks
> and> windyrounding trails make it. In one moment of 
> some frustration Ginny shared that she just want to yell 'come on
> already....let's get _somewhere_.  

Ask for what you want;
  Create what you need;
 Go with what you have.

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