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Re: [at-l] Back on the list from PCT

 Let's get a thread going on this.
> Inquiring minds want to know...
Well Jim and Ginny will be back in a couple weeks but who knows how long till
they get connected so in their sted, I say they found the PCT ok,
but maybe a bit boring.  We know that most of the tred is graded for
stock but what never sank in for me was just how long all those switchbacks and
windyrounding trails make it. In one moment of 
some frustration Ginny shared that she just want to yell 'come on
already....let's get _somewhere_.  Another thing I didn't realize is
just how few views there are because the treeline is so much higher 
out west.  Here I thought they were hiking above treeline for weeks
on end because they were so high, only to find out the amount of
above tree hiking is about the same on the two trails.  
One thing that may work out even...there aren't any cheap hostels
to speak of on the PCT, so you end up spending more for lodging but
you don't seem to get into town as often so maybe it works out the
same.  But for sure, resuppling and town food is more expensive..
no 50 cent beers out west....
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