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Re: [at-l] GSMNP Trail Info

I can answer a few of these questions:

 3) Heading up Eagle Creek on the Eagle Creek Trail. This appears to be an
 easy climb up to the AT with plenty of water the entire way. We don't plan
 on stopping, but how are Campsites 98 and 97? 

I am not sure if this is one of the trails that is accessable by horseback, 
but the trail from Russel Field to Spence Field was pretty beat up from the 
horse traffic and wasn't very nice hiking. 
 4) Spence Field Shelter. Haven't been to this shelter in a LONG time. What
 condition is it in? Are the new bear bag cables up? Mice?

Shelter was in decent condition. In fact, all the southern shelters except 
Birch Spring Gap were in pretty good condition and all had cables. The spring 
at Spence Field had a fairly good water flow. The bear cables are up and it's 
a good thing, because there is a resident bear that we saw three times during 
a 14 hour period. Mice? hmmmm, I dunno, I slept. Dee? 
 5) Heading toward Thunderhead on the AT and then turning south on Jenkins
 Valley Ridge Trail. No water showing on the map for about 6 miles?

No water and when we were there this past weekend, there was no water at 
Mollie's  Ridge Shelter or Double Spring Gap either. 

Hope this helps,

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