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[at-l] GSMNP Trail Info


I need info on a couple of trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
to plan a weekend hike. we would drive up early on a Thursday to hike in to
our first nights camp. Walk out by noon or so on Sunday.

1) Access at Fontana, where can you park a vehicle and what kind of
facilities are available close to the parking area?

2) Heading out of Fontana on the Lakeshore Trail to Campsite 90 at Lost Cove
Creek. What is the trail like and what is the campsite like? Are the steel
bear bag cables installed yet? It appears to be on the lakeshore at the
confluence of Lost Cove Creek with the lake, how close to the lake is it?

3) Heading up Eagle Creek on the Eagle Creek Trail. This appears to be an
easy climb up to the AT with plenty of water the entire way. We don't plan
on stopping, but how are Campsites 98 and 97?

4) Spence Field Shelter. Haven't been to this shelter in a LONG time. What
condition is it in? Are the new bear bag cables up? Mice?

5) Heading toward Thunderhead on the AT and then turning south on Jenkins
Valley Ridge Trail. No water showing on the map for about 6 miles?

6) Turning back on to Lakeshore to Campsite 88. Shows campsite at confluence
of Pinnacle Creek and Lone Branch? Are there bear bag cables? What is the
campsite like?

Other hike ideas are welcome as long as they can be squeezed into the
criteria in the first paragraph!

Lee I Joe

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