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[at-l] Oooops AT-O Info confusion

Someone asked:

>  Hi Kahley.  I must have deleted the note with the
> info about how to get the AT-O information to you.  Do
> I just fill out the form and e-mail it back to you?

Hiya ....the form is not necessary.  We had requests for
a form so I did one but just for those who wanted it and
as a guide as to what info we needed.  You can us it but, to
be honest, getting the info arranged the way the shelter info 
I posted earlier was, will work just as well.  

Use the form if you want to.  But just typed out as an email
is probably easier for you and for us as well.  That way we can
just cut and paste into the data base for coding.

Just remember the HATT section and direction  in the subject line<g>.
And e-mail to kahley7@ptd.net

Sorry for the confusion ... I'm not too good at giving directions..LOL!
Maybe it should be named AT-Online.DISorg <VVVBG>
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