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Re: [at-l] Making a tent fly

Paula wrote:

>           2:  How much allowance should I leave for the "doors" in the
>vestibules where there are zippers?  this is hard as Im thinking of
>replacing the zippers w/ velcro here for more savings.  The tents mesh
>doors have zippers and thats enough zipping.  I know I will need to have
>some type of storm flapping over these velcro sealed openings and don't
>really know how to go about planning for that ...
Back in the 70's & 80's I was the very happy owner/user of a Siera Designs 
Starflight. This was "an ultralight" back then. It used velcro to close the 
fly, and was the one feature I really did not like. Moderate to strong 
winds tended to   overcome the velcro and would leave the fly flapping. I 
will say that proper attention to wind direction when pitching, and 
learning to sleep with your hand out the door, clasping the fly shut, 
helped. My money goes to avoiding the problem by sticking with zippers. - 
Just my opinion.


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