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Re: [at-l] my three week hike - some detail

Well, Eric, you're right that that's a lot of weight for your size. I weigh 120#, and my base pack weight (without food or water) averages 17#. Fully loaded--<heh-heh-heh>--pack and hiker weigh in at less than 150#. Now, you're probably younger than I am, but that makes a huge difference. (Like most hikers, I started heavier and worked my way down.) Did you use hiking sticks? They can help with the knees.

Go ahead and post your packing list. Everyone will demand it when they return.

Give Me Chocolate

Eric Primack wrote:

> Hello list people,
>     I sent one introduction, about a month ago, and have gone on a hike in North Carolina.  Thought I'd do a summary.
> I went 140 miles from the Northern end of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to a point 60 miles South of there.  I was picked up at Standing Indian Campground.  I went by myself.  I had a great time.
>     The Smokies were beautiful, though some cloudy views.  Mt. Cammerer tower and Charlie's Bunion were the best.  My night on Silers Bald was the most rewarding, near the end of my trip with a beautiful view.  One bear at Double Spring Gap shelter.  Most of the streams were running.
>     This was my first big hike, so I started at 8 miles a day and worked my way up to 12.  The trip was in two parts, first down near Standing Indian Campground, then got a ride up to the Smokies, and hiked back to Standing Indian Campground.
>     I started at 45 pounds with 2 quarts of water and food, and later was at 55 pounds with 3 quarts of water and food.  I only weigh 125 pounds, so this was a lot.  Had a little pain in my knee.  I was going slowly enough that I had to carry 10 days, and then 8 days worth of food.  I had a Gregory Lassen pack (about 4700 cu. in.), Lowa Renegade boots, Sierra Designs Cosmos Tent, a sleeping bag I found on a sidewalk in Switzerland, and a Primus stove that takes a butane/propane mix.  I wore a cotton t-shirt, nylon soccer shorts, and wool socks.  The only other clothing I packed was another pair of wool socks, a fleece jacket, and a hat.  Sometimes I wished I had a pair of pants.  I used a Polar Pure iodine bottle.  My favorite thing I carried was a bottle of rubbing alchohol, with a separate little squirt bottle to spray on my hands, feet, pocket knife, or spoon.  My aluminum cooking pot held 3 cups to the brim. A ridgerunner in the smokies checked out what I was carrying and said the only thing he wouldn't suggest is so many extra batteries (8).  Full packing list without weights available on request.
> Meals: Oatmeal or cereal (in ziplocs with dry milk), granola bars, pop tarts, gorp, peanut butter english muffins, cheese tortillas, dinners: Zatarain's, Lipton's, potato flakes or couscous.
> Eric
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