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Re: [at-l] My Apologizes

>cue Kirk< "Scottyyyyy! We need more humor!"
>cue Scotty< "Captain, hya gotta cut dune on tha gullibility rate! Thears jus                                                nah two hways ahbout it! She's redlined rawight nah, and sheel blow if we don't slow down the goldurn gullibility burn. Hahg! Wha-tie wouldnah doo for a misaligned warp core raght new. Nah THERE was han engine!
>cue Kirk< "Not now, Scotty! We've got an starship to save!"

>>> John O <johno@mail.monmouth.com> 03/31/00 06:26PM >>>
Wildbill, It was meant as a joke.  I surely wouldn't have posted it if I thought it
would offend some one. John O

Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 12:24:42 EST
From: WHHAWKINS@aol.com 
Some people worry enough without reading BULL S _ _ T like this. This was posted before and it is no more true now, then it was then. Wildbill

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