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[at-l] The Turtle is back in his shell

To all (and especially some):
I have abandoned attempts to hike the AT.
The day "Tentoes" (now Cheerio) arrived at Neel's Gap (sorry I missed
you, Paula) I dropped off the trail with out adding much to last years
mileage. This year I made it to Tasnatee Gap.  The problem? Knees. I'm
just getting to the point that I can walk on them with minimal pain. I
could never have afforded to sit it out this long near the trail. Now I
believe I really didn't have the desire needed to make the trip. What
ever, I'm giving up the AT. I do intend to continue hiking and camping,
but closer to home--maybe sections of the Ice  Age Trail or the North
Country Trail.

I wish blessings on each  of  your hiking opportunities and am sad I
didn't get tmeet more of you, but feel blessed to meet those I have met.

Turtle  GA>ME 2K--over

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