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[at-l] Disappearing shelters

I meant to say, Disappearing Shelter Journals.  Sometimes they change so
often that any messages of caution or of interest also disappear with them.

Anyway, I checked with an ATC volunteer and was told to call them as this
person had never heard of such a "policy" -- ???

Is it a political policy?  Is it just the agenda of certain individuals who
are leading the club at this time?  Is it something being promoted by those
who are not a part of the "AT Community"?

Or is it because I didn't ask permission?  The message on my answering
machine only said it was THE CLUB POLICY -- yet no mention was made of other
signs that I've seen posted, including poems and hiker statements actually
thumb-tacked to the shelter walls (left up for an entire hiking season, and
one of the posters HERE was the writer of one statement posted) and trail
descriptions and entire photo copies of books on a section of the Trail or
of Flora and Fauna in the area left in the journal ziploc.

I'm getting paranoid.  They are peeking in my window and watching me type
this . . . . . .  I hear someone rattling the lock . . . .  someone is
trying to force his way into the house to stop me from telling people about
trail amenities and cautioning hikers to be aware of potential dangerous
situations . . . . . . . uh oh. . . . . . . . .  oh, no! . . . . C

(PS it's only a few days til April Fool's day!)

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