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Re: [at-l] Disappearing shelters

You think?  I don't HAVE to join them, I'm ATC and I'm joining ALDHA and
LNT.  And I may join NHC, since for my ten dollars I don't have to meet
certain criteria.  The club here has criteria for membership and I don't
mean just going on 3 hikes like many other maintaining clubs.  We're talking
2 Trail Maintenance trips and a meeting downtown in Atlanta as well as 3
additional trips.  I know of AT ThruHikers who have been refused membership
because they didn't want to travel to Atlanta for meetings (on a WEEK day
evening and no substitution).  This couple has impeccable references, will
shuttle in the area, always pick up litter when they hike, and belong to a
local hiking club which does a lot of trail maintaining.  So they joined NHC
instead.  And they still do what they've always done for the AT.


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>They're just hacked because you didn't pay your dues for the year.  Send
>them their money, and you'll probably never hear any more about it.  :^)
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>>I meant to say, Disappearing Shelter Journals.  Sometimes they change so
>>often that any messages of caution or of interest also disappear with
>>Or is it because I didn't ask permission?  The message on my answering
>>machine only said it was THE CLUB POLICY --

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