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[at-l] New uses for used stuff?

Well, in the interest of furthering the exchange of practical knowledge
about hiking that is related to neither salacious double-entendres or
bondage ( putting aside for the moment that an activity wherein one
straps, cinches, ties, bungees, and -hoists- loads in body-hugging
appliances may be related to the eighteenth century French fad of
Sade-sacking ) howze about we share any and all tidbits that we may have
learned about how to use everyday type articles to enhance our hiking
enjoyment and affordability? Every one knows the basics of baggies and
film canisters...and that thrift-store ski poles make great
non-collapsible hiking sticks...anyone have any possible hiking uses for
stuff that is cheap and lightweight? I guess the tuna-can stove may be
the low-tech king of this genre, but there must be interesting uses for
some of the other detritus of 20th century life.


" I shall tell you a great secret my friend. Do not wait for the last
judgement. It takes place every day."  Albert Camus

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