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[at-l] Weekend Hike, Thru-Hikers spotted

Hi Gang,

	Just in from a great 4 day weekend hike. I did James River to 220 at
Daleville. Seems like every time I go out I run into someone that I
know. This time it was a fellow I had met in the Shenandoah back in the
winter. I was heading to Cornilious Creek Shelter my first days hike.
Joe was heading north and had heard a group of 15 Boy Scouts were coming
to Cornilious Creek. He decided to hike 5 more miles to Thunder hill
Shelter instead. Ha Ha he got caught there instead. Turns out the Scouts
went there because there was a group of 13  boys from a home at
	I wish these people would learn about LNT and the group size
regulations that the Jefferson National Forest has posted in support of
LNT. Regulations state not groups larger than 10 shall enter the forest
and no groups larger than 6 shall approach the shelter areas. LNT
explains the reasoning behind this regulation.
	Anyway I camped about a mile short of my goal since it was already over
capacity there. Another fellow Greg camped nearby to avoid the group
also. The next day it got extremely hot. I got a little overheated
before I slowed down and dunked my head in Jennings creek. I drank a
couple of quarts of creek water and made koolaid too.
	When I got to 43, Bearwallow gap, Woodelf shuttled me and I brought my
truck up to 43 then he drooped me at 220. That night I set the Nomad up
near Tinker Creek. Sunday I walked to Wilson Creek shelter for lunch. On
the way I met two Thru-Hikers, Dances With Skunk and Grandpa Jack. They
started in late February and were not really thru hikers unless you
count the Bryson and Wingfoot method. They had skipped ahead some places
and even went to Key West for a while. Dances With Skunk did the AT in
	At Wilson Creek Shelter I met some fellow RATC members who were digging
a new privy. I decided to stay and help with the project. We got the
whole finished and slid the Johnny House in place by 17:00. This was the
first time this one had been moved. Those of you that hiked before 1986
may remember the old Wilson creek shelter down in the bottom. It was
made out of railroad ties and oozed creosote. The Scouts built in in
1948, about the time the trail was relocated to make way for the Blue
Ridge Parkway!
	Today I walked out to 43 in a thunderstorm or two. I drove back looking
for the two old guys who said they were going to walk the Parkway for a
better view. Never did see them but I left a them couple of beers at
Boblets shelter. My first trail magic this year!

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