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Re: [at-l] One year ago today

Tim Hewitt wrote:

> I wasn't going to do these "one year ago" messages, but I read my journal for
> this day last year, and just had to say something.
> First off, I found Felix's entry at Standing Indian Shelter. It was made on
> 12/31/98. I noted again his incredible accomplishment and how I was honored to
> know him - not in the biblical sense of course.

That was one of my favorite evenings on the Trail. Clear, cold night with a bit of a
moon (not quite full?). Snow on the ground. Stopped briefly at the shelter north of
Standing Indian Shelter. Ate a quick snack and amazed the vacationing Marine when I
left the shelter a little after dark for the next shelter. The next couple of hours
were wonderful. Listening to a bowl game on the walkman. (Very exciting game with lead
changes right up to the end. I don't even remember who it was.)  The wind was
whistling on top of Standing Indian. I think I got in bed around 9:30. It was cold. At
about 11:30, someone shined a flashlight in the shelter. When they saw me, they left.
The privy was never found.

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"

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