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[at-l] Living

OK, I didn't admit it in my note but I work in IBM-ville. (don't EVER call
me a Beemer). This is an impassioned cry for help, I'm stuck with all these
corporate people who have no idea what it means to be a hiker. I saw enough
of IBM popping up on this thread to thrill me about not being the only one.
So exactly how many of us non-conformists are there? ? ?

Jim, thanks for the thru-hiker post, lots to think about there. And someone
else posted on not being able to explain being a hiker - more than once
I've reached for "If they understand I don't have to explain, and if they
don't understand I can't  explain." Never look at any of your hobbies too
closely . . . <g>, tho I would maintain that hiking isn't a hobby, it's a
way of life.


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