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Re: [at-l] Living

I have been enjoying these job post.  I am a customer service
representive(read fixit man) with IBM.  I service desktop pc's, printer,
monitors and do point of sale work.  I am beginning to move into the
server field.  My buddy Hopeful got me started hiking again about 6 years
ago.  I section hike about once a year.  I am fortunate enough to have a
resident territory in East TN.  I get to see the mountains, dream and
sometimes stop and hide and do a little hiking on the AT.

> OK, I didn't admit it in my note but I work in IBM-ville. (don't EVER 
> call
> me a Beemer). This is an impassioned cry for help, I'm stuck with 
> all these
> corporate people who have no idea what it means to be a hiker. I saw 
> enough
> of IBM popping up on this thread to thrill me about not being the 
> only one.
> So exactly how many of us non-conformists are there? ? ?
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