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[at-l] Section Hike Questions

Pete Fornof wrote:

I'm planning a section hike from Max Patch Road to Hurricane Gap. After
reading the guidebook descriptions I had three questions that I would
like to ask the list.

1) The guidebook mentions shelters in the section from Max Match to Hot
Springs, but not campsites. Do decent sites exist in this section? I was
thinking of a 10 to 12 mile day the first day out and that mileage wouldn't
correspond to the shelter locations.

You will find tenting opportunities along the trail in the Bluff Mountain
area.  When I hiked through there, I was surprised with the obvious ATV
activity that had torn up the trail and surrounding area.  Hopefully this is
no longer a problem, or else you may get run over while dreaming...

2) Is it safe to park overnight at Hurricane Gap? Any reported vandalism at
this location?

I wouldn't recommend parking at either end of this hike.  The safest place
to park will be at the Spa Campground in Hot Springs...

3) What is your general opinion of these sections? Likes, dislikes?

In my opinion, other than Max Patch, this is a fairly benign section.  Max
Patch, on a good day, will stop you in your tracks...

If it was me, I'd do this section in 4 days

Day One - Park in Hot Springs and get a shuttle to Max Patch Road - take a
leisurely hike over Max Patch - stay the night at Roaring Fork shelter or
Walnut Mountain shelter...

Day Two - Hike to Deer Park Mtn shelter...

Day Three - Hike into Hot Springs - get a shuttle to Hurricane Gap - hike to
Rich Mountain - take the side trail to the fire tower for the views - stay
the night there or head back to the trail and pitch your tent...

Day Four - Hike to Hot Springs...


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