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[at-l] Thru-hiker medical coverage

Just a note of warning. As I was a lookin' through all this typed
up medical jargon, it appears most short-term major medical
insurance policies for thru-hikers don't cover costs associated
with weight reduction plans, recreational or diversional therapy,
hot tubs, whirlpools, air conditioners, humidifiers, anesthesia
when administered by anyone named Sly and foot care.

Well heck! What's this stuff good for anyhow?!

Massages, massages...no mention of massages. Nude conversation,
yes. Wait...that's what they mean by recreational and diversional
therapy. Okay, scratch that.

Well there you go. Massages only. The raison d'etre for this here
bonafide thru-hikin' expense. Where's my checkbook?


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