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[at-l] Pictures

All these trail pictures are killing me!  I moved to Missouri last fall from 
Tennessee, and I'm going through severe AT withdrawal.  We lived less than 
10 minutes from the Laurel Fork Gorge/Falls trailhead; I could see Holston 
Mountain from my porch.  The pictures of the TN/NC sections of trail are as 
familiar to me as my own backyard, I was out on the trail so much.

I miss going out to do trail maintenance, skipping out of work early to go 
hiking, camping out, and so many other things about having the mountains and 
the AT so close.  I knew it was going to be hard to leave Tennessee, but I 
didn't think I'd be going through what feels like grief over a loved one 

It's a nice day here in St. Louis, but I'd rather be out freezing to death 
up on Hump Mountain!  Keep the pictures coming...


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