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Re: [at-l] Technology on the Trail

K C wrote:
Some asked why did I ask..,I
>explained the great debate of technology on the trail,,,they didn't have a
>clue one was going on. >
<more snip>
    I do believe the times,,they have changed!
>*My job in life is to comfort the disturbed
> and disturb the comfortable.*

I just got back from a weekend on the AT, doing Trail Angeling.  And the
echo of KC's words -- "they didn't have a clue as to what was going on"
rings louder and louder "out there" -- the hikers on the AT today, really
don't give a 'rat's ass' (or in this case a "shelter mouse's ass") about the
discussion on ATML or AT-L or any other e-list for that fact.

If you want to meet the most generous group of people, not easily offended
by other's actions unless they are ReAlLy 'off the wall" -- get out on the
Trail!   I did inquire about the discussions on this list -- and not a one
was interested -- they are very much into "hike yer own hike" -- and I saw
Moses pull out his small dictaphone/recorder, too.

As I've tried to say before -- we're using technology at home and office to
discuss the place of technology on the trail.  It's coming -- it's not
cutting down trees or destroying habitat or viewshed or mining or grazing or
polluting the water -- in fact, the new technology just may be used to help
SAVE the Wilderness-like Experiences that those on this list hold so dear
(even if they only exist in memory).


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