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Re: [at-l] Resupply in the Whites

Hi Kristen,

You should consider the huts as a possible resupply.  You can eat dinner and 
breakfast (leftovers) with the work for stay.  Also, many times the huts have 
leftovers for sale during the day.  I've chowed down on 50 cent all you can 
eat pancake leftovers.  It's worth checking the huts after breakfast and 
before dinner to see what is available.  Of course, some other hungry thru 
hiker might have beat you to the leftovers.  I spent three days in the Whites 
eating from the huts alone.

Other resupply points are: 
Glencliff (just before the Whites) - PO only
North Woodstock at Kinsman Notch or Franconia Notch (preferred)
Pinkham Notch - hitch to Gorham

The Mt. Washington PO is not recommended - too many hikers have arrived their 
without their boxes.

The huts are a good resupply option, but you can't count on leftovers, 
work-for-stay, or even a paid stay.  If you want a political discussion of 
the AMC huts, you'll have to go to another site.:)


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