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Re: [at-l] The Camino

Sounds like it was written about AT hikers.


In a message dated 03/13/2000 11:03:34 AM EDT, rhymworm@mindspring.com writes:

<< Here's a quote from the book, does this sound familiar?
 "The social element is vital for those on the Camino, not only for those 
people who live along the way but aespecially for those who are cycling or 
walking to Santiago. It is commonly said that many people start alone but 
always end accompanied by others. The formation of friendships and groups of 
walking and cycling companions that cut across normal divisions such as 
gener, age, class, nationality, and marital status is an important aspect of 
pecoming a pilgrim and feeling part of a larger community.  ... In the open 
social contexts of the pilgrimage participants come to trust themselves and 
others--even all of humanity--to a greater extent. Robbery is the exception 
in refuges and very rare among pilgrims. Values that participants believe 
have been lost in modern city life are found again through the simplicity and 
face-to-face relationships that the Camino makes possible and that pilgrims 
themselves nurture and strive to maintain. ... As participants feel themselve 
more a !
 rt of a community and perhaps more fully "pilgrims," they often acquire 
nicknames or reputations among their companions relating to who they are on 
the road. An informal gossip network develops. ...
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