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Re: [at-l] Re: Light Pollution on the AT

From my April 5th journal entry on Cheoah Bald last year...

"As I walked back to my tent, and even from in my tent, I am reminded that 
even though I am carrying everything I need on my back, this is no 
wilderness experience. In almost every direction I look, I can see the 
electric lights of civilization. All at once, they are both pretty and 
annoying. They are necessary and I would not want to do without them when I 
am home, but as I sit here writing with my headlamp, I wish they were not 
visible beyond their useful range. "

I, too, enjoy stargazing though it was rare that I was awake to look at 
stars while thruhiking.  When I was, I was usually stumbling around in the 
middle of the night trying to find a suitable place to go to the bathroom.  
I always blocked as much of the light from my headlamp as possible but found 
the light often necessary to avoid the hanging foodbags and other 
accoutrements of shelter life.  Hoping that was a legitimate purpose and...

With memories of the Andromeda galaxy, clearly visible to the naked eye from 
Daicey Pond campsite the night before summiting Katahdin...

Stitches, GAME99
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